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Research-Campus MODAL

Kai Hoppman wins Science Slam Berlin

Kai Hoppmann, who is working in the GasLab of the research campus MODAL, was able to get ahead of the very strong competation at the 71st Science Slam Berlin in SO36 on 06.05.2019. At this great, informative event researchers from a variety of disciplines each gave 10-minute presentations about their own results. Besides fracking or the influence of immune cells on obesity in humans, a talk about sexualized violence in contemporary Japanese art caught the attention of the eagerly listening audience. However, Kai succeeded on this evening with his lecture on “Integer Linear Programming and the 40-point rule in the Bundesliga” to capture the audience with his research in the field of mathematical optimization. For this he was awarded with the main prize, a pair of boxing gloves, which was highly appreciated.