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IBOSS contributes to OP software 4.0

Every year, the German Association of OP-Managers (VOPM) organizes a congress in Bremen on the subject of surgery management. In their talk “OP-Software 4.0”, Joachim Gerst (Charité Berlin) and Alexander Tesch (ZIB) jointly presented the current situation, challenges and solutions for next-generation of surgery scheduling software. An essential aspect here is computer-aided planning. In the research project “Information-Based Optimization of Surgery Schedules” (IBOSS) the Zuse Institute Berlin, the FU-Berlin and the University of Paderborn cooperate with the Charité hospital in Berlin and the VOPM on the algorithmic optimization of surgical plans. In IBOSS, surgery durations are estimated on the basis of real data, which is then used for the algorithmic calculation of optimized surgery plans, thus minimizing conflicting objectives such as overtime and failure of surgeries. The IBOSS project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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