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Kai Hoppmann-Baum and Jaap Pedersen finish second at Forum Junge Spitzenforscher 2020 – Artificial Intelligence

Forum Junge Spitzenforscher is a multidisciplinary science competition where young researchers get the chance to present their innovative and practice-oriented ideas. The seventh edition of the event was hosted by the Stiftung Industrieforschung and theHumboldt-Innovation GmbH in cooperation with the universities of Berlin. The topic of this year’s competition was artificial intelligence. At the virtual closing event on November 18th, six out of more than 50 applications were selected to present theirprojects in front of an expert jury.The second prize was awarded to Kai Hoppmann-Baum (TU Berlin/ZIB) and Jaap Pedersen (ZIB) for the project “KOMPASS – The driving assistant for the gas networks of the future.”  KOMPASS is a collaboration of ZIB and TU Berlin in the research campus MODALEnergyLab.  Its goal is to develop a decision-support system for the operation of future gas transport networks. The new methods employ a combination of intelligent optimization algorithms and machine learning methods to find reliable, safe, and economiccontrol recommendations. In particular, the focus is on the integration of renewable energy carriers such as hydrogen. Congratulations!