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1900 schoolchildren of the 2nd to 6th grade and thus 200 more than last year participated from 07.-11. September at this year’s Children’s University of Freie Universität Berlin. The classes come from 78 schools of all twelve districts of Berlin and the surrounding countryside. They can try out experiments, lectures and group work as young scientists. The KinderUni is an event that is free of charge, in which primary school children can get to know scientific work. Participating school classes can make their own experience in dealing with current research topics, which in the best case spawns a lasting, personal interest in science. The courses usually last 90 to 120 minutes.

Almost 400 registered bookings were allocated by the optimization software tool KUniKIP, which was developed in close cooperation by Zuse Institut Berlin by Fabian Löbel (WG Borndörfer). All 28 schools that showed interest for the first time were invited to participate. In addition, a possibly futile request of the past two years guaranteed an invitation in 2019. Overall, two-thirds of all registered classes received a confirmation of participation.

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