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Research-Campus MODAL

MODAL researchers win “best student paper award” at CPAIOR2019 conference, held in Thessaloniki.

Every year, the “International Conference on the Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research” hands out an award for the best paper for which a PhD Student did the majority of the work. This year, the award went to Jakob Witzig from ZIB, who works in the SynLab of the Research Campus MODAL. The awarded work results from a cooperation with Dr. Timo Berthold and Dr. Stefan Heinz from our industry partner FICO; both co-authored the paper. It describes the transfer of a technique called “conflict analysis” from linear optimization to nonlinear optimization. Nonlinear Optimization is an important technology, used in various projects, including the GasLab and MedLab of MODAL.

Congratulations to Jakob, Timo, and Stefan!

Pictured: Timo Berthold and Jakob Witzig (in the middle) together with Kostas Stergiou and Louis-Martin Rousseau from the award committee.