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Research-Campus MODAL

Innovation Needs Professionals – BMBF Workshop at Research Campus MODAL

On September 19, 2018 Research Campus MODAL hosted the BMBF workshop “Complementary Objectives: Innovation Needs Professionals”. The event focused on the exchange of experience among the research campuses. The participants of the workshop discussed various opportunities to support young scientists to develop high skilled professionals of tomorrow. At the same time, young scientists from all research campuses had the opportunity to present their research results in a science slam.

The following day the Research Campus MODAL, located at ZIB, presented itself at the symposium “Innovationspol Forschungscampus” at Berlin Kalkscheune and had the chance to explain its research projects to Dr. Michael Meister, Parliamentary Secretary of State at BMBF.

The three best science slammers of the previous day were given the opportunity to present themselves again at the symposium. Kai Hoppmann from the MODAL Research Campus convinced the jury once more and won the first prize by far.

Both, the workshop and the symposium were highly successful events, where many valuable impressions and brilliant ideas were compiled. This opens up opportunities for all research campuses to further expand the various innovation processes in strategic partnerships.

The picture shows from the left: Dr. Kathrin Meyer (BMBF), Dr. Nora Vogt (BMBF) and Prof. Dr. Christof Schütte (President ZIB)