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Research-Campus MODAL


Next-Gen Solutions for High-Performance Optimization

The HPCLab develops algorithmic and software solutions for the efficient implementation of data-driven optimization and decision workflows on near-future processor architectures and memory technologies. Our focus is on optimization methods and simulation workflows designed and developed in the MODAL Labs EnergyLab, MedLab, MobilityLab, NanoLab, and SynLab.

As heterogeneous compute platforms with manycore and vector CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs become more significant, optimal performance portability and the achievable productivity during the implementation cycle gain highest importance for code designs. In close collaboration with technology vendors of future high-performance computing and data analytics platforms, newly developed optimization algorithms are mapped efficiently onto the next-generation computer architectures. In particular, we focus our work on compute and storage platforms which are powerful and energy efficient for the targeted use cases in industrial environments.